Quick, Efficient, Easy

Borrowing Made Easy is committed to making the borrowing process quick, efficient, and easy.

Our loan sponsors, Pacific Private Money, Inc. and Cirius Pacific Fund, LLC, are direct lenders that provide hard money loans for real estate investors, private individuals, and business purpose entities that require quick and certain funding to purchase or refinance residential or commercial properties.

Pre-Approval within 24-Hours

We can provide our clients with loan pre-approval and terms estimates within 24-hours of Loan Request submittal (with same-day pre-approval and terms commitments for repeat clients).

Funding within 5-7 Days

Because we handle underwriting, processing, document preparation, escrow coordination, and funding all in-house at Pacific Private Money, Inc., we can fund our borrower purchases in as little as 5-7 business days!

Best Rates and Terms

What is best for you is best for us! We know that as we provide the best service, best interest rates and best terms, we will attract the best borrowers.

Terms that are in your best interest are in our best interest. It is really that simple!

Types of Loans

Acquisition & Rehab
(Quick “Fix & Flip”)

Major Renovation
and New Construction

Multifamily & Commercial
(Rental and Buy>Fix>Hold)

Consumer Bridge & Refinance

Quicker Closings

We build a file on your first loan with us and use that documentation for future loans.

The more loans you do with us, the quicker they close!

Apply Now

You can complete our simple Loan Request form in just a few minutes, or submit your loan request via email to:


John gets it done! He has not only been a valuable asset to help me close deals but has also added value by coming to my projects, making contractor connections and giving great feedback. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. Great lender. Great guy. I would be happy to recommend John.

Kenny B.Owner HomeVestors of Monterey County