PrivateMoneyLoans.com (together with its founding loan sponsors, Pacific Private Money, Inc., and Cirius Pacific Fund, LLC, or “we”) operate principally on the Internet, and such, we require that you consent to transact business with us online and electronically.

Federal and State laws require that certain disclosures be made available to you as part of your doing business with us online, whether it be a trust deed investment, loan sale, or loan application process (the “Disclosures”). In order to continue with trust deed investor registration, listing a loan for sale, a borrower loan request, or the loan application process, we must have your consent to receive these Disclosures electronically.

By continuing with the trust deed investor registration, loan sale listing, borrower loan request and/or loan application online you understand and agree that you are hereby acknowledging and agreeing to receive the Disclosures electronically and otherwise transact business with us electronically.

Scope of Consent. By providing us with your consent, you agree to receive electronically all Disclosures, documents, communications, notices, contracts, and agreements arising from or relating in any way to your or our rights, obligations or services hereunder.  Your consent will apply to this your trust deed investor registration, loan sale listing, borrower loan request and/or loan application and other loan sale listings and loan applications hereafter.

The decision to do business with us electronically is yours.  If you do not consent, we will not be able to continue with the online trust deed investor registration, loan sale listing, borrower loan request, or loan application process, however we may still be able to assist you in person or over the telephone.

Hardware and Software Requirements.  Before you decide to do business electronically with us, you should consider whether you have the required hardware and software capabilities to do so.; In order to access and retain the Disclosures electronically, you must satisfy the following computer hardware and software requirements: access to the Internet; an email account and related software capable of receiving email through the Internet; a web browser which is SSL-compliant and supports secure sessions; and hardware capable of running this software.  You will also need access to a printer or the ability to download information if you desire to keep hard copies for your records.

How to Contact Us Regarding Electronic Disclosures.  You can contact us via email at info@privatemoneyloans.com or by calling us at (800) 951-9501. You may also reach us in writing at the following address: PrivateMoneyLoans.com, 1555 Grant Avenue, Novato CA 94945, Attention: John Citrigno or Mark Hanf.

You agree to keep us informed of any change in your email or home mailing address so that you can continue to receive all Disclosures in a timely fashion.  If your registered e-mail address changes, you must notify us of the change by sending an email to info@ privatemoneyloans.com.  You also agree to update your registered residence address and telephone number on our website if they change.