Managed Funds

Pacific Private Money Fund I, LLC is a mortgage pool (income fund) managed by Mark Hanf, which in its fourth year has grown to $30 Million with over 120 investors and a yield of just under 8%.

Fund Features

Single-Asset Class – Trust Deed Investments

Quarterly Reports and Distributions

Low-Leverage < 10% of Fund Assets

Target Yield to Investors of 7.5% to 8.0%

Cirius Pacific Fund, LLC, our newest fund, has characteristics of both a mortgage pool (income) and a real estate private equity fund (growth) with returns targeted at 8% to 12% and is managed by John Citrigno.

Fund Features

Multiple Asset Classes – Trust Deed and Real Estate Equity Investments

Quarterly Reports and Quarterly Distributions

Low-Leverage < 25% of Fund Assets

Target Yield to Investors of 8.0% to 12.0%

And Share Price Appreciation

BOTH Funds Feature

Shared Asset Fees

Income or Growth (Reinvest) Options

All Fund Assets are Real Estate Secured

Structured Alignment of Interests Between Fund Managers and Investors

Industry Leading Reporting and Transparency

Third-Party CPA Annual Accounting Review

Third-Party Fund Administration

 (12-Month) “Initial Lock” Periods

Approved for Foreign Investors

Accredited Investors Only

For more information on our Managed Funds please contact:

John Citrigno, or Mark Hanf,