Sell Trust Deeds

Creating Liquidity and Enhanced Yields

Liquidity for Trust Deed Investors enables investors to sell Trust Deeds, seasoned or recently funded, whether whole loans or fractional interests therein, providing liquidity through our easy to use online list-sell platform.

Sell at a Premium or a Discount

Investors can sell their Trust Deeds on with the ability to price their loan at par (the current principal balance) or at a premium or discount. Determining factors include the note rate, borrower experience, credit and payment history, property location, current LTV, remaining term, and how quickly you wish to sell.

Increase Loan Portfolio Returns

Investors can choose to retain a yield spread premium on each loan they sell, thereby enhancing yields on their Trust Deed investment portfolio.

Safe, Secure, Compliant Transactions

Each sale is handled by a State Licensed Escrow Company and is title insured by a major National Title Insurer, thereby ensuring safe, secure, compliant transactions and buyer peace of mind that brings you extra value.

Hassle-Free Process makes listing and selling your Trust Deeds easy and hassle-free! We provide you with a list of items to be uploaded to the platform and once approved we manage the selling process.

List for Free

There is no fee for listing a Trust Deed on You pay only when you sell.

Transaction Fee

The Transaction Fee charged the seller will range from 50 basis points (half-percent) to 100 basis points (1.0%) based upon the principal amount of the Trust Deed investment, depending upon pricing factors such as loan position, property type, Note Rate, LTV, and payment history.

The sale of a Trust Deed, whether whole loan or fractional interest, of $100,000 or less, will result in the Minimum Fee being assessed. The Minimum Fee for a seller is $500. Escrow, title, and recording charges are not included in the Transaction Fee.


I've bought three notes from Mark this year. They are good clean deals and I will continue buying from Mark. I've been a note investor for almost 30 years.

Joel L.Investor